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Honorary Role of a Lifetime: Tips for Choosing a Ring Bearer 

As the doors to the wedding venue open, a wave of anticipation and excitement rushes through the air. The bride carefully makes her way towards her beloved groom as little Jack, age four, stands proudly at his post as ring bearer. With his adorably tousled hair and dapper miniature three-piece suit adorned with bowtie, he looks so stunning! Watching him out of the corner of their eye as they recite sweet vows to each other is both charming and endearing for everyone gathered there in attendance. What a magical moment! 

To help ensure everything runs smoothly, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to selecting your perfect ring bearer! Read on to learn more about how to choose a special child who will not only handle their part gracefully but also bring smiles of joy during this special time for you and your partner.

What Does a Ring Bearer Do?

At its core, the ring bearer‘s duty is to carry the ring or rings down the aisle to the couple. Typically, a young child holds this honorary role, adding a dash of sweetness and charm to the ceremony. The ring bearer usually walks down the aisle before the flower girl (if you have one), and just ahead of the maid of honor. Rings are often presented on a ring bearer pillow or in a small box, symbolizing the union’s precious nature.

Two wedding rings on a pillow carried by the ring bearer

How to Choose Your Ring Bearer

1. Consider who has the most meaningful connection to you

Think about who holds a special place in your heart. Are there any young family members, friends, or even pets that stand out? This person should have a connection with both you and your partner. Keep in mind that the ring bearer‘s role is to carry the symbol of your love, so it’s essential to choose someone who shares a close bond with you both.

2. Choose someone who will take responsibility for their task

Selecting someone who can handle the responsibility of carrying the ring down the aisle is essential. The ideal candidate should not be easily overwhelmed in a large crowd and should be reliable enough to ensure that the ring gets to you safely. Young children are often chosen for their adorable appearance, but do keep in mind their temperament and ability to perform the task.

3. Clothes matter! Select outfits that match the wedding's theme and color scheme

Whether you opt for a miniature version of the groom’s attire, a stylish suit, or a unique outfit that matches the setting, make sure the ring bearer looks the part and feels comfortable in their outfit. Here are a few ideas for a ring bearer‘s attire: 

Color Coordination: The ring bearer‘s outfit should either match or complement the groomsmen’s attire. For example, if the groomsmen are wearing navy suits, consider dressing the ring bearer in a similar shade.

Style: Choose an outfit that reflects the overall formality of your wedding. For example, opt for a miniature tuxedo for black-tie events or a more casual Hawaiian shirt for a beach wedding.

Accessories: Don’t forget to add accessories such as matching bow ties, vests, or suspenders, to complete the ring bearer‘s ensemble.

4. For very young children, parents should be close by for any needed support

If your ring bearer is a young child or toddler, it is essential to have their parents close by during the ceremony to provide any necessary support or help. You may also want to consider having them walk down the aisle with an older sibling or the maid of honor to keep them calm and on track.

5. Show your appreciation with an honorarium

Though the role is called “honorary,” it does not mean you shouldn’t show your appreciation for the efforts of your ring bearer. Offer a small token or gift as an emblem of your gratitude. This can be a heartfelt thank you card, a special toy, or a keepsake they can cherish for years to come.

A groom with a young boy as the ring bearer

Ring bearers are an important source of support when it comes to tying the knot. They not only help set the tone for your perfect wedding day, but they also bring joy to those who attend. From helping pick out his outfit to developing a special bond that lasts far longer than the ceremony, weddings provide an incredible opportunity to connect with your ring bearer in a meaningful way. When choosing the one for the job, focus on making sure they feel comfortable and happy with their role. After all, he will have one of the most memorable moments of the day as you and your partner are joined together! We just hope he doesn’t steal the show!

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