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We offer a variety of event planning services to suit every taste and budget

bride groom walk together at the heartwood events venue


When it comes to weddings, the Heartwood offers a truly comprehensive solution. Located in a modern yet cozy setting, this space provides couples with the opportunity to craft their special day exactly how they imagined it. With suspending wooden lighting, double-height iron beams and high white-washed ceilings, our venue is designed to complement any theme or style. The built-in stone fireplaces and soft romantic lighting that spans the room add an intimate ambiance for guests as they enjoy a sit-down meal throughout the evening. Our versatile foundation offers couples endless possibilities to personalize their wedding with decorations, music, and entertainment with a variety of event planning services.


conference event at the heartwood


Located in a prime area of Lexington, the Heartwood is an ideal venue for conferences. With its modern and industrial design, the open floor plan creates a welcoming atmosphere for conferences and any other events. It is conveniently accessible via the downtown area within two minutes’ walking distance. To make the most of your event with this location, design your layout such that your attendees can reap maximum benefits from the cozy ambiance in such a stylish and convenient setting with a variety of event services to suit every customer and every taste.


quincaneras events at the heartwood venue


Every detail of a quinceañera or birthday event is taken care of when you book Heartwood, Whether it’s your daughter’s 15th birthday or your son’s 18th, hosting a special event at Heartwood will ensure lasting memories for everyone involved with multiple events planning services. We have the space for all your audio/visual and tech needs. And we can help you find where to rent these from.
Our Grand Ballroom provides an elegant setting with its high ceilings, large dance floor, and modern decor.

concert event at the heartwood venue

Other events

The warm and inviting atmosphere of our venue creates an unforgettable experience for both guests and hosts alike. With options to suit every taste and budget, from a simple yet sophisticated setup to a more elaborate affair with decorations. music, catering space, and more, Heartwood has everything you need to make your event truly unique. Our experienced staff can help guide you through every step of planning your event to ensure it’s exactly what you envisioned.

Our events venue Spaces

The Heartwood

The Heartwood large room is a blank  canvas. A large open room, it can be designed for any event or function.

  • 200-250, seated at rounds
  • 250-275, theatre seating
  • 299, cocktail style


the deck

Perfect for a ceremony backdrop or an extra space for cocktails, a food station or a bar.

  • 30 people, cocktail style


the suite

Upstairs, this space can be added on to any rental to be used for a bridal suite, a place for the groom party to get ready, a VIP suite, a production office for any event or a storage room.

  • 6 people, seated (inquire for pricing)




Handicap accessible bathrooms, entrance and main event. Street front accessible. 2 Entrances (so vendors can come-and-go)



Kitchen prep, space, water, electricity, and others events services…

Meeting/Board Room

A private meeting space with an oversized work table and a comfortable lounge area. Perfect for intimate bridal or baby showers, professional temporary office space, and meetings for up to 15 people.


On site parking

100 spots, more upon request.


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Our rustic events venue, situated in the center of Lexington, Kentucky, is suited for any occasion.